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Kids Playing with Lego

Current Projects

Happy To Be Special sees the need for Innovative, Unique, Individualized, and Non-traditional approaches to education in our Down Syndrome and Special Needs population. We also recognize that playtime is a universally effective tool for teaching children of all abilities regardless of age, gender, language, or cultural background.

Read more about our current project below.

Special Kids Play & Learn

Boy Playing with Blocks

A portion of the sales from our Online Store will go towards funding the new & exciting  Special Kids Play & Learn  initiative.

We will provide educational toys and manipulatives to children with Down Syndrome and Special Needs in order to help bridge the gap in education.


This initiative will also educate participating families about the importance of playtime as an effective tool for a tear-free and stress-free learning experience.

Participants will receive their gifts via mail. This initiative is currently restricted to participants in the contiguous United States.

Thank You for supporting us in this exciting endeavor.

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