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If I Could Turn Back Time...

If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I wouldn’t change the birth of my children, my son.

I wouldn’t change the tears I cried when I was told that there was suspicion of Down Syndrome.

I wouldn’t change the research that I did all night at the hospital hours after his birth.

I found success stories, I found triumph, I found hope, and I found peace.

I wouldn’t change the realization that Down Syndrome pales in comparison to a congenital heart defect.

Suddenly Down Syndrome was the least of my worries, go figure.

And until this day, “Down Syndrome” has remained the least of my worries.

It has helped me focus on life, on living, on joy, and on enjoying every moment with the ones I love.

And I am happier, healthier, and kinder because of it.

So, If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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