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Li’l Man Versus School Dilemma - A Poem About Ezra

Ezra, my laughter incarnate.

He is fortunate to be Special,

With his extra chromosome,

I can feel his super powers!

His surprise creation cracked me up.

His twinsie birthday with his cousin tickled me.

His recovery from sweet heart surgeries

Refreshed my laughter.

But my laughter incarnate now laughs at me.

He laughs at us all.

He laughs at the educational system.

He runs away laughing, uninhibited.

How do I convince my laughter incarnate

To accept a traditional education?

Now that I’m #woke, I see how important happiness is,

More important than stressing out young children.

Do I let him be?

How long do I really have with him?

How long do any of us have with each other?

Should I stress out and miss out on life’s moments?

I stand at a crossroads, daily.

Being highly educated, I know that my standards,

My minimum requirement for education, is high.

But he is still learning a lot, just not in a standardized format.

My laughter incarnate,

You are so fortunate to be Special.

With your extra chromosome,

I can feel your super powers!

What do I do with your smile?

I will love you. I will cherish you.

I will teach you as gently and as kindly as you desire.

I will be your guide.

Now and forever,

Love, Mom.

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